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Hey everybody. I've just started a new group for people to share ideas about arduino and help improve their projects. Its a commuity based page so anyone is welcome.

Its sketchy because its still in progress but the idea is the same. The idea is for anyone to be able to post questions, topics, ideas and whatever they want.

To join go to the link below and send a request. Any requests will be accepted within 24 hours.


Thanks. The more people we get the more the page will be contributed to.


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The idea is for anyone to be able to post questions, topics, ideas and whatever they want.

This site has all of that covered. Why would I want to use facebook as well? A quick search for 'Arduino' on facebook returned loads of existing pages/groups.


david97, why!

What do you think you could achieve with YET ANOTHER place to ask the same questions over and over again?

I would understand if you create a collection of usefull information and links to existing sites, but a new one... it is not helping anyone really.
You cannot get quality with million users, only with good information. Questions don't do that without the pro's we already have here.

Good luck anyway!

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The link says unavailable.
Should I close this thread?
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