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Hi Alexander, Great project! Can you tell us more about where the small diesel came from??

About displays and buttons...

A problem with this:
is that it takes up MANY pins to operate.

How about the suggested: http://goo.gl/kec8S  with some colorful buttons like these:
or these (Uses only 1 pin):  http://goo.gl/X9kHD

Another suggestion: Make cabling easier by using this Arduino clone with built-in cable connectors: http://goo.gl/JyLky
See cabling ideas on  http://arduinoinfo.info  here: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/Cables

Let us know how you are making out...

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Many thanks for the input!

Indeed, the diesel is from a 5kw Generator originally (well I bought it from a generator supplies shop, but its used in generators and water pumps).

Thanks for the suggestions, but I need somewhere that ships to the UK :( The first LCD link doesnt work either,

How many pins am I left with with the first one do you know?

My bike has a digital speedo. I like it fine.

Thanks for the link to the "project".

Why The "?


My bike has a digital speedo. I like it fine.

Thanks for the link to the "project".

Why The "?

Dramatic effect. Did you like it?  :smiley-mr-green:

Very good, I had shivers and everything :p

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