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Hi all

I a completely new to the world of Arduinos and have no idea where to begin, initially I would like to see if this is feasible.

I would like to create a device to replace all the warning lights and switch actuators on my diesel bike:

Picture of what I would like to replace:


I would like the device to have an lcd screen that displays 2 different fuel tank contents, shows the status of various sensors (most of them are on/off states), so could display icons for these. Additionally if it could display voltage and various sensors (like amperage or things) that would great as well.

Do you guys/girls think this is doable?


Theoretical it is doable :) ... technically i didn't see that some one do it before. Arduino MEGA 128/256 with 3.2" LCD will do a job, however you will need to create some other electronic circuits to get input from your sensors, and create case which will guard Arduino and LCD from vibration.



And the flux capacitor goes where ?

The wonderful thing about lights and dials is that you do not consciously need to "read" them.  In properly designed instrument panels, dial pointers are arranged to all point in the same general direction when things are "normal".  Then, if something untoward occurs, the needle that moves becomes readily apparent.  Similarly for lights.  If you arrange for all lights to be off in normal circumstances, it is obvious when one comes on.  By this means the brain focusses on what is really essential - keeping your eyes on the road.

When you "digitise" analogue instruments your brain needs to do a little more than necessary and there is increased risk for not only the rider but also anyone else in the vicinity.

However, given good use of colours, I'm sure someone wil come up with a design that is both legible and suitable for immediate alerting without having to be read ever "second" or so.


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Hi, This is basically doable.. it's much like what the guys with 4 wheels are doing... Google about car instruments..

If you can build the kind of stuff shown in the photo, you definitely can learn to use this new kind of tools and capabilities!

Some good Arduino Learning material on http://arduinoinfo.info  

Arduino Power section there would be good for you also, I think.

Maybe think about what functions you can ADD to the existing gauges etc... One main thing is being able to log data and later download it to graph, etc..  Maybe put up info here/somewhere about all the sensors and actuators you have now?

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Did you know there is an actual patent for something called similar to a Flux Capacitor?
Poll time:
Who thought they exist and we use them all the time for our Arduino projects?

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