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Author Topic: What fuse settings for bootloader  (Read 602 times)
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I am debugging a self assembled Mega2560. I seem to get sw in, but it does not run I think. I wonder if some fuse settings are needed. Mega16U2 is probably working because I can see a new com port in my pc.

I am using 16MHz crystal.

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Have you had your Arduino fix today?
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mega2560 bootloader low_fuses=0xFF
mega2560 bootloader high_fuses=0xD8
mega2560 bootloader extended_fuses=0xFD
mega2560 bootloader unlock_bits=0x3F
mega2560 bootloader lock_bits=0x0F

Copied from the boards.txt file in Arduino IDE 1.0.1

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I see. So burning the bootloader with Arduino IDE helps. I havn't had much success there. I burned then with AVRstudio and did not care about fuses.


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