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Jeff K

The subject says it all... I'm giving away 2 MegaMini's.  I guess it will sort of be a contest, with the 2 separate winners chosen by me.  I will ship to anywhere in the world that allows it.  Tell me what you want to do with it or why you need one and the best 2 will get them.

I'll ship them out Tuesday to the 2 lucky winners.

More info on the MegaMini can be found here...
Jeff K - JKDevices.com - home of the MegaMini


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What I want to do with it?

Man...what I wouldn't do with it!

Sex of course...thats just disgusting.

No seriously, I want to build a photo communicator network around my neighbourhood with 532nm wavelenght laser that act as nodes.

Just for the heck of it. I like laser...I like data transfer.


With all that ram and flash and pins?
A real time spectrum analyzer running a nice fft and a lot of software to create some stunning lighting effects reacting to the music, all that displayed in a nice rgb wall of leds using some tlc's5940(already have 10 given by ti under their nice sample program), and som hefty fets to multiplex the heck of it.


Well if won both of them, I would breed them and pass on the litter to all my friends on this forum.

Did I win?



I try to use my RC and computer knowledge to promote science,
history, and patriotism to the young people.
I've built a RC aircraft carrier USS Hornet CV-8 to  teach about the Doolittle Raiders at schools, libraries, and museum . I want to update the carrier to the Hornet CV-10, the carrier that recovered the first moon landing space capsule. I would like to use a MegaMini to control the effects of the Saturn V rocket I plan to add to the project. It will control smoke, sound, separation of stages and other interactive controls in the rocket. The rocket launch will be part simulated and part Estes
launch of the upper stage and capsule.
Here is a link to some video of the carrier at a library, video of children at schools is not allowed to be posted to the web.

thanks for your consideration.
ps yes it floats children love driving it.


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Simple, I will be one of them


cause I will guarantee you that they will end up in a bin and never be used more than a passing proof of concept fad idea

now where do I email you my address


(I have a pic32 with a real time compiled multi-threaded basic interpreter on it that only requires a ansi terminal to develop for it, and it mostly sits in the bin heh)

Jeff K

I was expecting more from the veterans (those few with a 1000+ posts). But then again I have plenty of PIC32's and AVR32's sitting in bins... maybe the reason I want to give something away to someone that actually will do a project with it.

BTW... I'll be giving out some BreadBoard Buddy's pretty soon to a select few.  I already have the people chosen so you'll hear from me soon.  Think power supply + bus pirate + ethernet + usb + oscillators + opensource... sitting at your breadboard.
Jeff K - JKDevices.com - home of the MegaMini


I was expecting more from the veterans (those few with a 1000+ posts)

you should have known we are insane

snip ...sitting at your breadboard.

sounds interesting


I would use it's dual serial ports to read both a GPS and a radio for my high altitude balloon project. My current '328 designs mean that i need one processor for each, because software serial just isn't cutting it.


Right, just the thing I need.

I am doing an automatic speed/gearing control for an small electric race car.

This will involve automatic gearing with a winch servo to control a NuVinci CVT hub gear for constant adjustments to speed to keep the current draw from the batteries constant and a PWM motor driver to reduce the current spike when accelerating from low speed.

Things I need to control/do:
Measuring of battery current draw
Measuring of battery voltage
Measuring of car speed
Measuring of motor temp
Control of fan to cool motor (when required - through 12v circuit and MOSFET)
Real time alteration of speed based on car foot pedal (for slowing down during corners)
Data logging to SD card for race analysis
Probably wireless data transfer to pit team to check for any faults/changes during a race and make changes to car variables as necessary.
Control of CVT hub gear (with sail winch servo motor)
Sensing of brake pedal to ensure that motor is not running while brake pedal is pressed.
There might also be a driver LCD (which would be serial, to use less processing power, on the second uart) but this is not really required and would just be for general interest rather than having a specific purpose.

The race is set up to see who can travel the furthest on 3 sets of 35Ah 12v car batteries in 4 hours, so there is a delicate balance between speed, motor current draw and running time.

The 328 just won't quite cut it for all this and I would rather not have multiple processors.
The arduino mega is much too large and not really suitable for integrating into a project such as this.
1A should give me just about enough power for the servo and all other outputs/inputs without needing another regulator.

This is a project I am definitely undertaking. Quite a large amount of it is already planned out (as you can probably tell from the info) and I will be starting to get electronics figured out in about 2-4 weeks time.





Personally, I would use it as the base for my smarthome build, more than enough digital/analog pins for the multiple RFID, temp, light motor control sensors.

All work will be documented on openhom.es just as soon as I finish the design and will be made open source, the site will also home anyone elses smart home project thats open source. :)


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I would like to use it for my car tracking project. Hooking it up to a RFID reader, GPS unit and an old mobile phone.

The RFID reader is going to be placed near the driver seat. Maybe in the arm rest or in the glove compartment. Everytime I want to use my car I scan my RFID key chain so the Arduino knows it's an authorized drive. If the RFID key chain is not scanned the Arduino detects it's on the move (via GPS) and starts texting me the coordinates every x minutes.

Maybe I am a bit paranoia but they tried to steal my car once before and didn't succeed. My car is the model that is most stolen in the Netherlands (also in the most wanted color: black); Volkswagen Golf (I think it's called the Volkswagen Rabbit in USA).

Also it seems like a cool project, might also hook up some more sensors and a data logger (shield) for logging my driving for duration/speed/times. Would be even cooler to hookup a Xbee (or some other wireless transceiver) and automatically post the data to a database when I park my car in front of my house (via another Arduino with an ethernet shield in my house).

Needed to convince myself that I should post this idea. I don't like it when somebody is stealing my ideas. On the other hand, it probably is already done by someone. And sharing of ideas is really in spirit with the Arduino (open source) culture I guess ;).

I need a MegaMini because I need something small (need to hide it somewhere in my car) and want to be able to hook up multiple sensors and IC's (such as a RTC chip, XBee, data logging stuff). I want it to be extendable. I might even try to hook up my car itself via OBD-II connector and also log stuff like RPM ;).

Jeff K

Wow!  So many good projects.  Keep em coming!

I've decided to add one more stipulation for my final decision.  One will be sent to someone in the US and the other will be sent outside of the US.
Jeff K - JKDevices.com - home of the MegaMini


Uh-oh, means more competition for me ;) (if I count the entries thusfar ;)).


Wow!  So many good projects.  Keep em coming!

I've decided to add one more stipulation for my final decision.  One will be sent to someone in the US and the other will be sent outside of the US.

Sounds good. There are many good projects I think suit this. I do think that a lot of people have been looking for an arduino mega type non-shield board. Maybe at some point someone might realise and make an official (arduino) one.


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