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I have a problem with my little ArduPilot Legacy board.
When I plug the I2C sensor to the Arduino Duemilanove it works flawless, but when I plug it to the ArduPilot Legacy I get 0 on the screen.
I've used the same connectors(for the sensor), they're strong on both sides, actually I have a better physical connection to the ArduPilot. The solders are perfect. I found with the multimeter nothing.
What should be the problem?

Thank you,

PS: I've used a breadboard.


Can you give us a hint as to what you're doing?  At least a schematic or a sharp photo of your setup, and a link to the code.


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I've connected the 4th pin to the SDA, 5th pin to the SCL, Ground to the ArduPilot ground, and Vcc (because I was lacking options) to the 6th PWM pin (in which I've set it at 3.3Volts in the IDE).

Today, I decided that would be a better decision to use a voltage regulator. Surprisingly I have a LM317. I've made all the connections and now the voltage regulator powers up the I2C sensor while the input is being send to the Ardupilot. It works.

Now, even if I got here, what was the original problem with that pin? (It was set at 165 in the Arduino)

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The problem is the vcc generation ,  see http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/PWM . The pwm is not an output with variable voltage , but only a square wave with a variable duty circle and a frequency of 500hz
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