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Hi all,
I've created a support-topic on a shield for Arduino (italian session):

Futurashop/OpenElectronics GSM GPRS GPS Shield - TOPIC DI SUPPORTO

but now, when i tried to reply i found out that is locked by admin.
Why is it locked?
And how can it be unlocked?


when i tried to reply i found out that is locked by admin.

Threads can be locked by the creator or by admins. If the thread was locked by an admin, you were sent an e-mail or PM explaining why.

And how can it be unlocked?

If you accidentally locked it, you should be able to unlock it. If an admin locked it, and you have resolved the reason for the thread being locked, the admin who locked it can unlock it.

Click the "Report to moderator" link, if present to ask that it be unlocked.
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Topic unlocked. I don't see a reason for it to be locked. Typically they are locked by accident.
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