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i have a little problem with my board, i dont see serial port for it. Board i'am using is xplain with xmega. I'am trying to use xmegaduino project but cannot connect to my board from arduino ide, because i only see default bluetooth serial ports.

What can be the problem ? I have installed crosspack, and ftdi drivers, but still nothing ?

Any ideas ?

ps. sorry if this is wrong forum, first time here :)



This board seems to use an AT90USB1287 for a USB-to-Serial converter.  The FTDI driver won't do anything to help with that.

Have you looked on the Atmel site for drivers?
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Unfortunately, that is not an Arduino or Arduino-related board.

The Arduino project is only made up of a very small subset of ATmel processors.
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I had this problem.  My problem was a bad USB cable...

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