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hello there,

an idea came into my mind and i would like to ask if this is doable.

i habe a guitar effects pedal which can be edited with a software on pc over usb. in the software i can switch through the pedals presets - the pedal then also switches presets. the pedal itself is very uncomfortable to switch through presets (i have to hold one button for 5 seconds, then press another button and finally another one). the idea is to find out what commands are sent over usb to in- and decrease the presetnumber. my goal would be to build a little extra stompbox with two buttons which let me switch through the presets with one press of a button. therefor the extra stompbox would be connected over usb with the effectspedal and when one button is pressed, the command to jump to the next preset would be send (the command which goes over usb).

i hope i was able to make my idea clear and would be greatful if someone can give me some thoughts. i am arduino experienced, so the hardware, switches side is no problem. what i really dont know is how to find out how to (1) catch what the software sends over usb (when the next preset is called) and (2) how i would then program this command to be send from the arduino.

have a nice weekend you out there.


There is software available to capture USB traffic. Just google for it.

To replicate it with an Arduino, you will need to make the Arduino a USB Host, either with a shield, or by using an Arduino ADK board.

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