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These 2 bits of code toggles an output, but code 1 is 68 bytes smaller than code 2 when compiled.

Why is there so much difference ?


Code 1 (smaller):
void  HeartBeat(void)  
 static byte state;      // private variable declared
 if (state>0)  {  
   state= 0;
 else  {  
   state= 1;

Code 2 (bigger):
void  HeartBeat(void)  
 static boolean state;      // private variable declared here
 state=!state;                   //toggle output state



Okay, I guess I should look at the assembly listing as well.


Spoke to soon.
When I press shift and click compile, all it does is compile normally.
I cannot see any assembly code

Any suggestions ?

Using Arduino V1 on Ubuntu


Prior to 1.0, holding the shift key triggered verbose output. Now, it is a setting on the preferences panel.
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Okay, changed the setting in preferences to show verbose output during compilation.
But I can only see object files, which I cannot read with my editor

Hmm, any suggestions ?



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Aug 26, 2012, 10:40 am Last Edit: Aug 26, 2012, 10:45 am by fiddler Reason: 1
Didn't know that Linux came with a built in disassembler :-)
Command line only, tho. More stuff to remember.

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