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Ok, I feel like a moron... I was checking to see which lights were on and noticed the message coming up:
Code: [Select]
The slave bluetooth is inquirable!




I started thinking about why it would be telling me the state is on and off.... well come to find out I didn't have the BT shield seated completely on the Arduino board..... EPIC FAIL. :/ So anyway it is all working now! Thanks for everyone's help! Especially V0R73X for all the PM help!

Also a note, make sure that both red and green lights are blinking. I only had green so I was thinking that the board was working correctly. It wasn't until I checked for a red light (I didn't know where it was because I hadn't seen the lights light up so I didn't know the color of each) and saw the msgs that I figured out what was going on.


can you post a picture of the correct installation and the sample code that you used?


I haven't changed the code, its the same code as at the top of this job. I can't get the picture to show up correctly, unsure of how to post them on this forum. My seeedstudio BT shield fits snugly when the pins are halfway down. The issue was that I left the pins exposed halfway because the light started blinking at that point and it was snug. When I saw the message on the serial monitor I pushed the BT shield all the way so that the pins aren't showing at all.


I'm starting to think it's not so much of an Arduino code problem but maybe the BT shield Bluetooth profile is not completely jiving with the android Bluetooth profile. While it may be (a) BT SPP profile, it might not be all the way implemented. (A little wordy but I hope yall know what I mean) :smiley-sleep:
I have an old Nokia cell phone with Bluetooth and my old Palm TX with Bluetooth (which I'm almost sure doesn't have the correct profiles), plus my wife's old LG phone which has (Headset, Handsfree, Phonebook Acc and Object Push) profiles. Hopefully one of these will see the arduino and vice/versa.
My LG Vortex has (HSP 1.1, HFP 1.5, OPP, FTP, PBA, DUN, A2DP 1.2, AVRC version 2.1+EDR) {I'll have to look these up}
Plus my laptop has (I guess everything, if it'll download it)

I'm gonna keep whacking away at it until I get something going.



Sorry for borrowing this topic, does the Seeed bt work with UNO, am desperately looking for a BT shield for development...

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