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I would like to share with you, my most ambitious project to date: Scrolling Tweets.

I built a tiny Arduino based device that scrolls the latest tweets from The Verge magazine's twitter feed on my table top using an LED Matrix Display via WiFi.

You should just see it in action, really. Scrolling Tweets - A tiny display for the latest news on Vimeo. - http://vimeo.com/46611743

It uses an LED Matrix, which is driven using an Arduino Uno. The Uno is connected to the internet via a Sparkfun WiFly Shield. It pings a simple heroku app that scrapes the twitter feed of a particular account. The response is then parsed and scrolled on the matrix.

Also it is completely wireless because it is powered from Li-Poly batteries using a Sparkfun LiPower Shield.

Some more pictures follow:

I have done a complete writeup on the project along with all the code, on my website with all the code.


Please do check it out and let me know what you'all think!

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