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There seems to be something missing in that schematic drawing. The 490K pot, 390K and 100K resistors don't appear to make a complete circuit, just kind of hanging out in free space with just one connection to the main circuit?



yes, you are right
I have edited the image now with the correct connection


you could use a multiplexer, preferably 4:16. and on each output pin of the available 16, you could connect a resistor that suits the speed you want to attain at different intervals. these outputs will be connected to your motor, the multiplexer will have to be bidirectional(both positive and negative half cycle) and will have to have a high current withstanding capacity. for this i suggest using power transistors at the output of your multiplexer.(the resistances previously connected will act as base resistance to limit the base current) , and therefore you will have a safe and precise control of your blower....
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