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Hey guys and girls,
I have just found ROBOREALM which I'd like to use for a future project. I would like to add the ULTRASONIC library to the sketch so that I can get a read of distance in roborealm. As I'm a little slow it seems, I cant work out where to add the function to ping the SR04 so that it doesnt screw up what is already happening.
This is the sketch...

I think all I need to do is set pin x high for delay(x) and measure the time to getting an answer, but where do I put this?????

Thanks for your time.

PS. roborealm is very cool. Worth a look if you want to control a robot with live video feed, tracking etc.


Properly more appropriate to ask in the ROBOREALM forum

It's always hard to decipher arrays without nice commenting etc

But, of course, just try and modify the code and see what happens :-)


Had a bit of a go at adding code. Didnt break anything. But didnt do anything either....


Had a bit of a go at adding code.

Thanks for letting us know.
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