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What has changed is the design environment. At home I used small 20-pin chips and the programmer cost $3500. Yikes! I still can't believe I spent that much on a programmer but all dev tools cost a lot then.

At work I used Altera 44-pin PLCC devices, I had to fly down to Sydney for a few days and design the internals on a mainframe CAD system.

Now we get a full dev system for free and run it on our laptops.

It's a brave new world alright.

BTW I used the 20-pin chips in my own dev product I sold, it was an EPROM emulator. Anyone remember EPROMs? Thanks goodness I don't depend on that income any more :)


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I ahve kind of curious about CPLDs as they seem like an amazing design space and would like to give them a try the only concern is a compatible programmer.  Could someone point me to programmers for that CPLD that I could use.  It seems like I have collected a few boards and programmers over that never quite mated up with a development environment, now I try to reduce the rate at which components go in the box.




@pito. would you be willing to share the CPLD code? Would save a lot of people the headache of redoing (maybe wrong) the counter.



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Enclosed pls find:
schematics file
svf file
xsvf file
ucf file

All under CC BY-SA.. Provided as-is, no warranties of any kind.

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