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Hi, I have been working on a project some time and all had been working fine in testing up to the last few weeks.

A little background and list of components used:

Project uses arduino uno, wifly shield, motor drivers, ping sensor, ucam ttl, and a few other bits and pieces irrelevant I think for this question.

Wifly shield is connected to the arduino via cables, so it will sit higher up. Has just the essential connections, power, gnd, reset, and the 10-13 pins (miso, mosi, etc).

I have been able to create my own socket program on pc that connects to the wifly shield and can send and receive info to and from the arduino with no problem.

The problem arises when I have actually tried to set up the ucam ttl, that goes to the serial ports of the arduino 0,1 I had been trying to get this to work and send the image over the wireless, as you all should know I can't use the serial ports 0,1 and the usb at the same time, and as this project is to do with controlling a moving robot via wireless. I have not been able to get the cam to sync or send any info so I gave up and started work back on other bits and pieces going back to my old code (with nothing to do with the camera on it).

Now I find that the wifly shield will no longer work properly unless I have the usb attached, the lights will flicker but it won't make the connection to the rooter. But as soon as I connect the usb it will connect instantly to the rooter, no problem.

So I'm guessing that while trying to make the camera work I have broken it, and it is no longer working as a serial device. As before I would have it connected but not do anything and it would connect perfectly without the usb connected.

Anyway after the long story (sorry folks) here is the main question:

Do you have to have a serial device connected to the usb or serial ports 0,1 for the wifly shield (or any spi device maybe) to function properly?

I have sifted through all of the wifly shields library files and not found anything to do directly with the serial libraries.

Any ideas would be appreciated, I am going crazy trying to sort this out.



I have been having another go at it today, though I might have had the answer, by putting the arduinos pins 0,1 first passed the wifly shield and then to the camera, just in case. But still no luck.

Any ideas please? or if you need any more info on connections or code just ask, although I think it is quite a generic question, does spi/wifly work without any serial device connected?

thanks again


Hey, I read your project description. I needed help with arduino and Ucam-TTL interfacing. It would be great if you can provide me with a sample sketch and circuit to connect the two. I want to send the images captured by the Ucam to the laptop serially. Waiting for the reply. :(
Thanks :)


I imagine that was a power supply issue. From the WiFly datasheet.
Ultra-low power - 4uA sleep, 40mA Rx, 210mA Tx (max)

How are you powering the Arduino with the usb disconnected?

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