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i'm basically connecting an arduino and netduino(master as it doesn't support slave) with spi, i need to send 512 byte packets from and to each of them, and i'm kinda lost and don't have logic analyzer to test it out

the master generate the clock, and slave need that clock to send data, can i keep generating signal (or even sending dummies 0x00) so the slave could send anything at any given time ?

does the inter-byte delay at the netduino could screw anything at the arduino end ? 1.3us or so i believe

what is the default value for frequency on arduino (the code only set a baudrate for serial at most of the examples and never stated a value for the spi frequency)

is there anything i need to synchronize or what out for, any tips or information is really really highly appreciated


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The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


yup, it was amazing but it still don't answer my questions
nick was sending a dummy byte to receive the last byte, but i want to send and receive 512 byte packets at any given time which i was hopping to find a better way than sending 512 dummy to get the packet i need
and nothing was mentioned about delay or if a byte got delayed or what if a byte where sent from slave and the master did not generate the clock or if it always generate the clock (i.e. how the slave signal the master to generate a clock and how long will it be)


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