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I hope you guys are talking about the same module, I am planning to buy one.

One question, I couldn't find how to power the module, does it take power from Arduino as it looks like a shield?
Just wanted to confirm before I place the order.

I will be using it with Arduino Duemilanove (which is almost like Uno).





It uses power from arduino.
I recommend you check if the library is compatible with your arduino and with other components you're going to use.
My project became much more complicated because after I done what I mentioned above, the receiving script stopped working properly,
so I had to reprogram it. And I turned into a slow script, that took around 3 seconds to verify if a message arrived... it was a problem
because the user was going to press a button just to verify if the message arrived.
If you can afford to buy a more expensive but compatible shield, do it.



I am hoping to get some help. I am working with the uno and icomsat v1.1. I used the icomsat as a shield to the uno and connected directly to my laptop. I used the libraries from competefornothing.

When I ran the serial monitor, it says :

GSM Shield testing.
ERROR: SIM900 doesn't answer. Check power and serial pins in GSM.cpp


Could I get some advice on this please?

Thank you...

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