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I wrote a little tool to start compilation from an external IDE with one simple command.
Ideally you hit "Compile" in your favorite editor and the file gets opened and compiled
in the regular Arduino IDE. (I use this with PSPad)

Run it like this:

Code: [Select]
ArduCmd.ahk [option] <file>
ArduCmd.exe [option] <file>

FILE is the path to your .ino file and is mandatory,
OPTION is one of the following:

<empty>          - show the file in the Arduino IDE
-c, --compile    - compile the file
-u, --upload     - compile and upload the file
-m, --monitor    - open serial monitor

Download here!

ArduCmd is written in Autohotkey, the zip contains both, the script and a compiled exe. Use whichever you like, the compiled version is not faster than the script - but the script needs Autohotkey installed on your PC, while the exe works out-of-the-box.

Actually this tool is just a remote control for the Arduino IDE, it opens the file in the IDE when it is not already running, and simulates the keypresses of the compile/upload/serial monitor keyboard shortcuts.

This is the first public release, please tell me if there is something wrong.

This tool is intended for Windows, but it MAY work with Linux or MacOSX using IronAHK.

Please report :)

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