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hey there,

for an installation I am going to tape a huge copper tape circuit on a wall that works as an interface to control various devices by touching/approaching the sensors. one end of the copper tape goes to the sensor, the other one to the arduino. I want to connect 10 sensors and some leds wit the arduino in a circuit of circa 2x4m. imagine it like this but much bigger: http://hlt.media.mit.edu/?p=2505. now: the idea is to transform the interfering signals of this circuit into a drone-like sound. how would you scan the interfering signal to an audio jack so that I can Input it into effects pedals etc??


This project reads two analog inputs and uses them to control the speed and pitch or a track that is generated on the Arduino - you could use the same approach but instead of cycling through a pre defined sequence, use some of the other inputs to drive the sequence or apply effects.


The code is still not up on github, so if you want it, PM Me

Duane B.

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