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Hi guys

i have been working on this for about 3 months.

I am an open water scuba diver and was looking to do something cool like a dive profile logger so i came with this idea and i made it work

the DiveDuino

please visit the webpage...www.diveduino.com

any advice will be appreciated...

it is almost ready for a dive i am just looking to build a waterproof case that is not too buoyant like the one i already have....


Curse you!
Why didn't I know about this before I bought my Vyper Air?

Any plans for air integration?
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you know it will be cool to add the air integration.

the company that make the sensor i am using for the depth pressure might also manufacture one for the high pressure.. it will be a good think :)


Wow this is really cool!
I have a question, It looks like the board is encased in plastic with some hex screws closing it.  Is there some sort of seal in there?

Also, it seems that the display is updating slowly.  Is this the cameras doing or some design issue?
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