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Regarding http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoWiFiShield

I'm mainly looking for the original firmware source code

I believe the firmware is found here


I'm not even sure if it is the same firmware as the one that is used in the Arduino Wifi Shield, but it must be pretty similar, similar enough for me to get some work done. Once I have that, it should be straight forward to compile it and flash the AVR32 using the ICSP.

But here's the problem, that website won't let you download anything without logging in. To create an account, their company has to manually approve each account. It's been about a week and I haven't received any replies. There are no accounts made available on bugmenot.com either.

I would appreciate it if anybody can provide the firmware source code.

Also I can't seem to find the instructions for using the DFU mode, but I think I'll be able to use ICSP just fine. I think somebody should add a page on this website explaining the procedure to help people out.


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I found the same link and downloaded the “Wi-Fi Software Release SDK oWL© for 32-bit AVR” at:


This appears to have the libraries for interfacing with the HDG104 and some example code.

However, the example code appears to differ from what is running on the WiFi shield based on the debug messages / commands that are available via the FTDI port.

I am going to take this opportunity to unleash my frustration about this shield. 

I have been discouraged with this board since I opened the box.

I paid close to $100 for hardware that has a crooked ICSP header on it and an external trace (wire) soldered on it.

I was willing to look past these items but issues on the software side have pushed me past the point of being understanding about this.

I know this product was just released, but I feel its release was rushed (or premature).

The  picture at: 


…looks just like my shield. 

However, I figured this picture was a prototype and not a disclaimer for what I would receive as a production board.

This does not match the quality I have come to expect from Arduino!

I believe Arduino should respin this board as soon as possible and provide a RMA replacement to the early adopters.

Back to the software side of things – what are the plans for releasing the source code that is running on this shield?

I hope this source will be released and released soon.

I am concerned about why the source was not made available right away when the board was launched.

Two possibilities come to mind:

1)    Maybe Arduino has no plans for releasing this code.  That would be very bad. I will give up on this shield if this is the case!

2)    Maybe this is more evidence showing this board launch was premature and Arduino is planning on putting the code up but is not ready for some reason.

I am sure my post is going to hurt some feelings.  However, these are questions that need to be answered.

I have a large number of official Arduino controllers and official Arduino shields.

I respect the work and finished product that has gone into all the other products I have purchased from Arduino.

Please help me feel the same about this shield.



More WiFi shield issues being reported and still no shield source code or response from Arduino on this topic.

What I find equally strange is that no one else seems to be upset about the delivered product (hardware and software).

This is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment that Arduino sells - yet the delivered product does not reflect that.

Providing the source for the shield will allow the community to help support this product - which needs some help.

Others - please chime in if you agree with me or let me know if and how I am being unreasonable.



For those interested:

The Arduino WiFi Shield page now provides a link to the GitHub repository for the firmware:



It's very unfortunate that there has been little word. I just recently picked one up. Dropped 100$ on it and I'm regretting it now. I realize it's a new product, but many people are reporting the same issue I'm having and it makes it only semi-useable in real world applications where you need it to be reliable.

I've actually dug down pretty deep to trace the problem but I'm stuck at being able to recompile the firmware with changes. I need some help from the dev team to set up the eclipse environment or just get a standard Makefile done.

I will be posting my particular issues in another thread.

Please Arduino, talk to your customers and community!


Did you get anywhere with a firmware makefile for the stuff on github?

I'm beginning to seriously regret getting this board given the ropey firmware... Github code branches haven't been merged in months... firmwareVersion() never gets incremented between commits, and there is no clear/obvious way to build it...

All rather painful...

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