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So I have been tinkering around with the arduino since January and have built many projects, including my own standalone circuits on perfboard

Looking for anyone that wants to be a co conspirator in tinkering around with all kinds of stuff arduino.

I would even be up for forming a South Bay Area user group if enough were interested, as in 1 or more than me  ;D

Drop a line if you can help, need help or just want to chat in the area.


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I haven't done this yet but did put a bunch of time in researching and found this method using junk mail adverts and a laser printer that from reviews online seems to work pretty well.


I believe both Anchor and Halted have the supplies.


Good luck. I'm just getting started but once I get moving you could probably count me in on a meet-up or something.



Yeah Jameco has etch kits too. I have made PCBs in the deep dark past, as a kid in the 70s, so the etching part isnt new to me, but those were pretty much hand drawn HUGE circuits, not big boards, BIG and I do mean big traces, think marksalot big traces and resistors the size of the ftdi chip on your arduino and caps the size of a pill bottle.

The part that is new to me is the fandangle computery part with minuscule traces, printed photoresist, smd parts and eagle layout.

Its not the computer side, I am an adept when it comes to that and even have heavy CAD experience for building layout, lotsa years designing haunts in autocad, but I was looking for someone that has the magic incantations and their own sooper sekret spells to teach me to do PCBs like the arduino.  

As to the just getting started it moves quickly and can be quite addictive, don't expect you will feel new for too long, and will definitely let ya know when there is a meet up.



I replied in another thread.

I'm interested and in the area. Let me know if anything comes of it.

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