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Topic: [SOLVED] SD won't init with brand new Leonardo + Ethernet Shield Rev3 (Read 2405 times) previous topic - next topic


I'm new to arduino world and I have recently bought my first arduino from official store: Arduino Leonardo R3 + Arduino Ethernet Shield Rev3.
Now I am trying to test some feature of this hardware: all seem to be fine except SD card.

I have try all the demo sketches for SD with the lastest IDE version (1.0.1) specially the CardInfo one. No way to have SD working.

I have try to set pin10 high after set is at digital output as suggested in some pages, i try SD.begin and card.init, i try to use 3 different brand microSD formatted in FAT 16 and FAT32. Finally i have try to power up board from power jack instead of usb... in case it was a power problem... but nothing: all my test will result in failure to initialize SD.

I search through the forum, looking for someone with same problems but nothing. All i can read is about to switch of pin10.

Did someone have some hint before i call Arduino Store for board return?


Thanks a lot!
This solves my problem with SD lib and open my mind to SdFat.

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