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hey guys

I try to send a Wake on LAN "Magic Packet" with my Arduino Ethernet. This "Magic Packet" is quite easy, 6 x "0xff" then 16 x the mac address, so the payload should be 102 bytes (raw data, without headers). My captured packet is only 38 bytes large, I guess the SENDING buffer is limited.

Here is the code I use:
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byte broadcastAddress[] = { 255, 255, 255, 255 };    //to verify!

//send wol magic pajet
void WOL(byte mac[]) {
 Serial.print("Send WOL... ");
   byte i;
   //Starts a connection to write UDP data to the remote connection, parameter: remoteIP, remotePort
   //Hint about port 7: Since the magic packet is only scanned for the string above, and not actually
   //parsed by a full protocol stack, it may be sent as any network- and transport-layer protocol, although
   //it is typically sent as a UDP datagram to port 7 or 9
   Udp.beginPacket(broadcastAddress, 7);
   //Writes UDP data to the remote connection. Must be wrapped between beginPacket() and endPacket().

   //Start of WOL magic paket (preamble)
   for (i=0; i<6; i++) {
   //the wol packet contains 16 times the mac address
   //NOTE: BUG here, we cannot send more than 46 bytes...
   for (i=0; i<16; i++) {
     Udp.write(mac, sizeof mac);
   //Called after writing UDP data to the remote connection.

I took a look at the EthernetUDP class, all I found was a
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which is a bit unrelated I guess. Can someone help me?



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Have you checked the contents of the packet that is being sent?
From hte code you posted I can't see how sizeof can return the size of 6 bytes for the mac address as it can only see that it is a byte array that is passed in. Check that size of is giving the right value.

I'm thinking that sizeof may be giving you a sizeof the pointer which I am assuming is 2 bytes on the Arduino.




I used the following code to do what you're trying to do - http://www.blueleafsoftware.com/Resources/EmbeddedSand/Wake_on_LAN

Hope it helps.


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