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HI all,

i'm a begginer in Arduino and i'm having problems with a 128x64 LCD. After investigate a little, we need mainly 3 things:

- Wiring the devices correctly (in my case acording "http://arduino.hk/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=9")
- Charge the library "KS0108 Graphics LCD library" (http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/GLCDks0108)
- Run a example from file>examples>glcd

The thing is it doesn't works. The display shines but anything else. My question is, could be broken the LCD? is there any method to check it?

thanks in advance


There are a lot of different displays available. Which product do you have? Which display controller is used in your display? Do you have a display data sheet?



thanks for your interest Oliver.

The seller provided me some info as you can see in the following link: http://arduino.hk/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=9

The display model is a TM12864L, the controler is a KS0108 (apparently) and my arduino is a ATmega 1280. I've wired acording the seller indications.

i hope u can help me...

Thanks again!



Yes it's quite clear with that explanation. Looks like the problem i was having was due to the power supply of the dispay.

I connected it according the indications but it doesn't works and then i tried connecting two pins of supply and two pins of gnd from the arduino board to the display (as a test, i'm not sure it's a good idea as final solution). Then, it's works.

Thanks u for your support!!


Can you describe this a bit more in detail so I can understand what how it was wired when it
wasn't working and what now finally worked
I'd like to understand the issue so I can make any needed documentation updates.
--- bill


I also have same problem, I am beginer I try to use the 240X64 lcd (GM24644), can any body help me with the wirring, and skecth.
Thanks and regrads


Trying to use a TM12864L-2 with an Uno. Is this even possible?

I have no data sheet. I've been cruising through lots of forums and google searches....

I can't find a wiring diagram, and I may have even blown it trying to wire it to an Uno using a Mega wiring diagram as a reference. All the tutorials seem to use Mega's.
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I'm a beginner to arduino & i have a graphical LCD model HEM12864-04.In the manufacturer's site they says it has S6B0724 controller. pinout of this lcd is  1 t0 19 - vss,cs,res,rs,wr,rd,D0-D7,Vdd,A,K,NC How should i connect this to my arduino uno r3 ? plz healp !!!

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