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What would be the best way to debounce the touch interface? Also, i cant seem to find the data sheet.
Arduino Mega 2560
Arduino Uno R3
Sainsmart 3.2" TFT LCD


I am not sure if your issues are the same as mine where, but I bought a sainsmart 3.2" TFT LCD Screen about a month ago and had roughly the same issues, it ending up being that the touch screen was just installed upside down?

So to fix that I now have to subtract the y-axis value I want from 240 to get the correct response...
Kind of annoying, but it still works.  I am really not thrilled with sainsmart to be honest, they have such a wide variety of products that all seem to work, I just don't understand why they can't provide information about how to use them with the products.


Hi nkd5025,

I've got the same kit ... I can't get my start with it. I did do http://henningkarlsen.com UTFT to prove the screen. It was a sine wave and all but sometimes quite noisy. With that great reference for the functions, so I'm not too worried about getting what I want to show up on the screen.

But as time passes, the display gets more and more scattered so when I try the Touch demos, I'm not able to really see anything.

I feel like I'm missing something simple to get going... any ideas on simple sketches that got you started?



I just fought with this display from Sainsmart for abit, found you need the latest librarys.
http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/library.php?id=55 for touch
http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/library.php?id=51 for display

works well.
Id say those 3.2 screens arnt the best for touch, but the display is great. For the price, I can live with the touch not working to great. I'm thinking if I keep all the buttons on the more accurate side, I should be good.


I used the codes supplied to check my screens and they work to a point. the second coding inverts my vertical touch however. how do I change that? do I change the pins around in the code?

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