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I once flashed an $1,500 motherboard back in 2000.. although not smoked, not turning on either lol


Back in the BA  ( before Arduino ) days,  I made a prototype washing machine timer with about 6 CMOS chips, to replace the clockwork one that was packing up in a popular machine.
My partnet waited for me to finish, as he had to drive 1000 Km to the factory for them to test it.
After I had it working I sealed it in white silicone so they couldnt copy it.
I didnt let it set enough I think, and when I did a final test, the silicone lit up with a brief white flash.
I built up another, and my partner drove through the night to get it there.
They approved it and we were busy with the megabucks agreement over 3 years, when they went bust :-(
With my mobile phone I can call people and talk to them -  how smart can you get ?

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