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I am writing on this forum hoping someone has a solution to my problem.
I will try to explain here below, briefly and, I hope, clearly, the project that I have to realize and the problem.

I need to create a system that detect atmospheric data by sensors and transmit them via GPRS / GSM.
To do this, I "assembled" an Arduino Uno and a GPRS / GSM shield model "Hilo Sagem."
At the moment, the Arduino is programmed to receive and convert the data received by the sensors into data packages for the GPRS / GSM Shield, and GPRS / GSM shield is programmed to send data packagets.

The GPRS / GSM shield fails to send multiple packages in series; after sending the first package, the GPRS / GSM shield enters in stand-by mode (stand-by mode is required for energy saving) and it cannot longer be reactivated to send the next package.

I am looking for a programmer who is familiar with the "Arduino world" and that can:
- correct the software (software carried out with “AT command”) and provide "advices" for future issues
- carry out a proper software from zero also with other components.

Obviously these activities will be rewarded (compensation to be agreed).

Please contact me to

Thanks in advance

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