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And it worked, the temperature was around 24°C in a classroom.

But afterwards I used the code from repaper and it doesn't need any temperature.

Well the repaper-code is setting the temp fix to 25.

I tried your code, but i don't get any readings from my sensor. A look into the datasheet of the lm75b revealed that temperature is stored in two bytes. Your line of code " Wire.requestFrom(address, 1);" cannot work as it should request two bytes. Maybe you have another temp chip on your board??

I managed to squeeze three custom .xbm pictures onto my Leonardo. I'll have to get me a sd shield (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/544) for more space ;( This means i have to multiplex the ssel pin, cause i'm running out of pins free...

For my matrix problem, I already got a NFC shield, because I'm sending data with an Android Application by the NFC transmission to Arduino, and I'm trying to display those information. And if I get a new shield, I will have problems with my chip selects.
Do you think there are no other possibilities?
Is it possible to write on an .xbm file?

I guess this needs a lot of changes in the current code. The image is stored at the beginning of the code with the PROGMEM statement. You could try to overwrite the .xbm file on runtime and see what happens. I'm not familiar with the progmem stuff - so I have to trial and error my way ;)


Good news! I just saw that the github code was updated some days ago (https://github.com/repaper/gratis/tree/master/Sketches).

There are two new examples:
1. amslide -> shows pictures that are stored on sd card using an index file stored on the card.

2. thermo -> Draw a temperature bar on the screen using Adafruit_GFX Library functions.


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More good news:

EA just released demo code for the 2.7"-EA-Board:

Instructions: http://www.embeddedartists.com/sites/default/files/support/displays/epaper/Epaper_arduino.pdf
Demo code: http://www.embeddedartists.com/sites/default/files/support/displays/epaper/epaper_arduino_130412.zip

Edit: They also provide a library for the LM75A temp. sensor. Let's see if this works...

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