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t depends what you want the images for.
If it is just to have a record of the flight, 3G is probably OK, but if you want the images to fly the device, then I think the lag would be unacceptable.
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In terms of 3G/4G, I would read the fine print on your provider's plan, and see how much data they allow before charging you by the megabyte, slowing down the transfer speed, or shutting off the data flow completely.  Note, that in the USA at least, cell phone companies have a strange notion of what the word 'unlimited' means.  Before I got FIOS, I used a 3G system to connect my house to the internet, and according to Sprint, unlimited meant 5 gigabytes.


These is the situation, I will be watching from land the hexacopter, so I don't need the image to fly it, the image i Want to transmit is just to see what I am going to record, I mean, look if I'm pointing well, because the camara has also movement by 2 servos


but being honest, I need at least 150m range for the video... what are my options, get a verry powerfull 3G or 4G...

and by the way is it possible to do it by using a normal arduino uno o mega and a mboile modem conected by using usb? with mobile modem I mean these little things with a very short usb cable...

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