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He guys,
i bought atmega1284pu and i tried to boot bootloader but it didnt work. i was following these tutorials:
I used arduino uno as isp but i get this error:
avrdude: Device signature = 0x1e9706
avrdude: Expected signature for ATMEGA1284P is 1E 97 05
         Double check chip, or use -F to override this check.
Do you think the problem is that i have atmega1284pu and not atmega1284p?
thanks for your answers  :).


If I understand correctly, PU means "plastic DIP package" and P means "pico-power".  The non-Pico-Power chip should be compatible with the Pico-Power version so all you should have to do is change the chip type in the boards.txt file to remove the 'p'. Then avrdude will be happy with the signature.
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i understand what you mean but i dont know what to change.


1284-PU has signature bytes    0x1E 0x97 0x06
1284P-PU has signature bytes  0x1E 0x97 0x05

Find your copy of avrdude.conf, and copy the '1284P section, excerpted here:
Code: [Select]

# ATmega1284P

# similar to ATmega164p

    id               = "m1284p";
    desc             = "ATMEGA1284P";
    has_jtag         = yes;
    stk500_devcode   = 0x82; # no STK500v1 support, use the ATmega16 one
    avr910_devcode   = 0x74;
    signature        = 0x1e 0x97 0x05;
    pagel            = 0xd7;
    bs2              = 0xa0;
    chip_erase_delay = 9000;

and edit it to take out the P from 1284P and change the signature bytes.

Then, do the same in boards.txt for 1284 vs 1284P.
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thanks, i tried but when i changed avrdude.conf i get this error on arduino IDE:

syntax error at
H:\Saved Documents\Mirko\arduino\arduino-1.0\hardware/tools/avr/etc/avrdude.conf:16934

i get this error when i change it and even when i dont. can anyone help?

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