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Can also use resonator. Will not be as stable timing wise but will work.

I think I will try that. I have a small bag of resonators from a grab bag I got and may find what I am looking for before I buy anything. The only problem is that I am not sure what the markings mean. XD


Take some very clear pictures and post here. Lots of smart people here on this board to help out.


Take some very clear pictures and post here

I have tried before, but cannot put any pictures on.
Here is an example of one: 271
I know the latter one is probably a voltage rating, but I'm not sure what the first is.


oscillators are 3 pin packages, what you discribe is a capacitor

Yup, three pins in a row, usually poking out of a yellow or blue blob. Rat Shack may still carry them, if so, use a 16MHz one for easiest compatibility with existing Arduino board configurations. Also have a look at the RBBB arduino from modern devices, it's as bare as it gets.

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