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Author Topic: Arduino Stopwatch last time recall  (Read 1886 times)
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I am constructing an Arduino stopwatch. I followed a tutorial and constructed a working circuit, but the stopwatch will reset after every new start. I need the stopwatch to start from where it left off every time. Any suggestions on how to alter my code?

* stopwatch (2.01 KB - downloaded 30 times.)

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Hi jferris,

Sorry, but I can't read your zip file on my iPad... Can you paste, in a code block (select code and press the # button above), the part that you are having trouble with?

What do you think is going wrong?  How did you intend to keep it going, and how did you intend to reset it?

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Give my stopwatch class a try - -

you need to reset it to reset it, and stop justs stops counting - how difficult can it be? - you can do micros, millis and seconds with it

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