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I want to share with you the project I'm working on since the beginning of the year : https://github.com/awired/restmcu

This is a restfull http client/server that handle :
- json as content type
- get pin status
- update pin stats
- beeing notified of changes
- secured exchange with hmac-sha1
- fit in 328p (not yet if hmac enabled)

This give a logicless devices controller that can be controlled by a server using restfull APIs

I will use it in an advanced domotic project in the next years : https://github.com/awired/housecream

I still have to handle :
- http keepalive
- hardware that uses more than 1 pin (like rotary encoders)
- other hardware like enc86j60
- extra things like dhcp, dns, time server

Please tell me what you think about this project.

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