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Udo Klein

Maybe it should warn: "1 Megavolt / per Ampere" ;)
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I'm using the LiPoNano from Tindie to charge it (and my other LiPo packs).
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How long will the batteries last? (2xAA) +/- ?

Jack Christensen

How long will the batteries last? (2xAA) +/- ?

Of course it depends on how much use it gets. The circuit goes into power-down mode after five minutes, but I'd guess at least several months with frequent use, could be a year or more with less use.  With the power-down logic disabled, i.e. running 7x24, it will run 2-3 weeks on a fresh pair of alkaline cells. (The power-down logic can be disabled by holding the button down while inserting the batteries.)
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