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Hey, i'm just getting into this arduino lark.

I bought an Uno, an Ardumoto, two 24:1 motors and two LiPo 850mah batteries.

Can anyone advise me on precisely how/where to attach the JST connectors to connect the batteries to this setup?

Complete novice.

Many thanks to any help,



I take it by "Complete novice." you mean not just with Arduinos, but also electronics as well.  If that is the case, I think it would best to start working with the Arduino powered by a 7VDC to 9VDC AC adaptor (AKA wall wart).  Rechargable batteries, especially LiPos, bring in their own extra considerations. 

Furthermore, you'll want to learn some basic information about electronics.  There are many online resources for that, including this page by a forum regular that goes by "Grumpy_Mike", or other sites like Adafruit, Sparkfun, and the Playground section.  This isn't an exhaustive list of course, but it will give you a good start.

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