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hi headroom

yes i tried ardOSC and Z_OSC with no success

my skills are not so good to rewrite the W5100 part of the libary.
(i thought some socket-methods are not equal to the WiFi libary)

if some can help i would be very happy
so im am really interestet in you alternate solution


Does anyone know if any progress is being made on this? Are there any experimental projects out there on github or anything. I totally expected my brand new wifi shield to have this support as it was claimed in the docs. I'd love to help out and rewrite the ethernetUDP library, but if someone has started something I don't want to duplicate any efforts, etc...


hi themadcanudist

i just tried to rewrite the ethernetUDP library.
but then i found out that not to easy to rewrite the W5100 part.
(my skills are not good enough)

so it would be great if you have more skills to do that  :)


I can take my best shot at it. I've been reading through the firmware and Wifi libraries and may be able to hack something together. I'll have to give it a shot. One caveat is if there's anything that needs to be modified or is missing from the firmware (which I'm not sure of yet) we won't really be able to move forward.
At this moment, I've been unsuccessful in importing the firmware project in to eclipse, to compile it.  I'm waiting on a response from the arduino devs on providing the community with some documentation and resources to do this on our own.



I took some time to take a crack at this. I'm 99% sure at this point we need the instruction for compiling the firmware (via Eclipse or otherwise). I traced back the code and although there is some support in the firmware for UDP, there is a stack of functionality that needs to be added in to the firmware for the WiFi libraries to even begin implementing UDP. If it were just WiFi libs, we could get started right now.

There are missing functions to create/send/end UDP packets and communicate these requests through SPI interface to the wifi chipset, etc... They're all there for TCP, but not for UDP.

I'll continue to harass the devs ;) Perhaps you should use your network and resources to see if you can get more people interested in this and make some additional requests. The more the merrier.

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