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I'm making an all rotary controller and i want to put rotary encoders in it with led rings to simulate total recall whenever i open up a project, as i dont want to have to reset knobs according to new projects in my DAW. however i do wish to be able to see were the knob is pointing in the software on the controller. Much like on Behringer's bcf2000 b control fader unit.

i want this so i can see the generally location the knob is pointing. i can either use separate LEDs to do this, but then that would take up many of the holes on the arduino, so i then noticed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT5Zt1ORaaY

i would like to try and use that ring to do this, but i dont know how transform the cc note values to alter the ring.

there are plenty of forums about the endless encoder with midi so i think I'm good there.

also if you have any ideas for a better ring to use, and an encoder i should use that would be good as well!

thanks~ :D


if anyone thinks that the led rings are cool but unnecessary please tell me as i can always just gather information now and implement it when budget/time allows.

also what about mahews labs ring? is it a good idea to try to find used somewhere and use that? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/retired/10407


Most of these LED rings are just a chain of addressable LEDs, like the WS2812, or a shift register with individual LEDs. It might be cheaper if you build it yourself.

There is no official standard for sending data from the computer to the MIDI controller. Companies like Behringer use their own proprietary protocols. You could try to reverse-engineer the protocol by using a MIDI monitor, but it's a waste of time if you ask me.
Another way would be to use a different protocol instead of MIDI: Open Sound Control. Programs like Reaper send the controller positions to the OSC controller when loading a project, and you can tweak the settings.

Hope this helps!


yea i realized that but it just seemed like it would take up less ports to use just the ring with 3 connectors than 6 leds on separate connections.

also what should i look for on an encoders specs that just turns smoothly like a pot?  i found the one berhinger uses (the Behringer   Y32-30030-05278) would that work for my diy projects?

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