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Alright, I am ready to send this part out to get milled. This is my first time getting a PCB milled, so I want to make sure there aren't any mistakes. So I would appreciate a look over my EAGLE PCB file before I have it printed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated =).

Again, I know I have everything wired correctly, I just need feedback on the physical build.


Hard to evaluate without a schematic.

How'd you get those colors in Eagle?
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Hard to evaluate without a schematic.

How'd you get those colors in Eagle?

click the layers button, then just double click on the colour of the layer you want to change, a new dialog will show up and let you choose a colour


The red represents wires on the top layer, while the blue represents traces on the bottom. Again, I just wanted to make sure that there were no issues with holes being drilled through traces or traces causing any problems.


Google "eagle design rule check" (DRC).  Eagle provides a default ruleset; ideally your fabricator will provide a ruleset specific t otheir process.  For example, you can download a ruleset from OSH Park that will help you verify you've followed the rules for that fab process.



also BatchPCB's server will also run your design through a DRC robot, and email you back the results with the violations highlighted, you don't have to order the PCBs from them but you can take advantage of this bot. It sometimes catches things that the EAGLE DRC check misses.


(I think he means CUSTOM colors in Eagle?)


in the PCB design window.. go to  OPTIONS >>> SET >>>

from there you can add/create a color palette to work with BLACK, WHITE or COLORED backgrounds..


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