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Bad serial data will not cause flickering (aside from the regular 3 flashes after a reset).  You've got a bad contact somewhere, possibly on the CP2102 interface.  You tested the RX/TX loopback already, so it may be just the 5V output pin that's dodgy.  Try powering the breadboard from a separate 5V supply (not forgetting to common the grounds).


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I've used the serial adapter on the Uno to program a chip on another board (the Serial backpack that Liudr sells on Inmojo) and I've used the FTDI device to program 2 Pro Mini's and I've used a PL2303 to read a GPS device for Windows. I have no reason to believe that any of the methods/devices aren't interchangeable... providing you get the reset to the object device properly connected however this is the extent of my knowledge... So IF there is feedback that is more appropriate...

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