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I just setup my LCD screen and it is only displaying this...

I have tried a couple of example sketches but nothing seems to change this display.

I haven't used screens before, is it naffed or shall I keep trying to get it kicking out some Serial data?


There could be something wrong with your code and/or your connections, but how would we know?



This is the code and the setup.

Code: [Select]
#include <ColorLCDShield.h>
LCDShield lcd;

void setup(){
  lcd.init(EPSON);  // Initializes lcd, using an EPSON driver
  lcd.contrast(40);  // 40's usually a good contrast value
  lcd.clear(TEAL);  // oooh, teal!
  void loop(){}

Tom Carpenter

Could you try my library:

There are quite a lot of different controllers in these LCDs and I am trying to make as many as possible work with one single library. If my library doesn't work for that display, then either the display is damaged (possible), or you have found yet another variant of the display and I will try to help you adapt the driver to make it work (also possible).

If you choose the latest version from the downloads page (3.0).


I also have this problem. Using the suggested library gives me a blank screen instead of the garbled rubbish.

Very frustrating. I'm about to chuck this shield in the spare parts bin and get another. That's a first for something I bought from SparkFun.


Have you tried switching the epson to phillips in the code?

Tom Carpenter

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If you get a blank screen it *usually* means you have the wrong driver. If you tried EPSON in your first attempt and that didn't work, try PHILLIPS_0
(Side note: It looks the same as mine in terms of connector colour, and mine is PHILLIPS, but then you can't really tell which is why my library supports many variants of both phillips and epson).


Have you tried switching the epson to phillips in the code?

That did it! Thanks.

As well as that I apparently needed to completely remove and reconnect power. If in doubt, powercycle.

Tom, I'm using your library. It's easily the easiest to install since it can be dropped straight into the libraries folder. Is there a reason for having all versions in separate folders in the git repository though? It's preferable to be able to clone a repo straight into the libraries folder but that's not possible when it's laid out that way. It also means there is no useful file history.

Tom Carpenter

If you go to the downloads page (button which says downloads to the top rifght of the repository), they are all seperated into individual zip files, one for each version.
All the old versions are there because that is how they are stored on my computer in the git folder.


Very good job Tom,

Your gLCD  library is the only that works with my Arduino Uno, IDE ver 1.0.5  and Sparkfun color lcd shield !

Many thanks   :D



Thanks gLCD worked for me too, you are a star!

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