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Nike Gammon send me an email and don't permit reply. So I post my response here.

He wrote :
You posted the exact same message about 4 times. Haven't you heard how annoying cross-posting is? I deleted all of them.

Now, try again. Post in ONE place. Or be banned.

- Moderator

Hey don't be afraid...

It's a rough way to contact a new member for the first time !

I'm french and not yet accustomed of your ultra right meaning and your full lack of empathy.

Perhaps you can be more cool for a first contact. I'm not a criminal guy.

Instead you could help me to post my question in the most relevant topic and delete all my posts except the one in the relevant topic.

Your manner seems too military in this space created in the spirit of Arduino's project (created in Europe by very cool guys).

Perhaps you get a good trip when you banish a member and you are always watching for opportunity to do this.



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Nick's a polite guy.
Me, I'd've merged all your cross-posts into one, and left you to sort out the mess.


Clear enough?

You have close on 200 posts - surely you must've noticed how antipathetic the forum is to cross-posters?
Moderators are just like a concierge (the kind you used to get in French apartment buildings) - we have to clean up after other people.
As it happens, your cross-posts were reported by another member.

(I'm in Europe too - the bit de Gaulle didn't want in)
"Pete, it's a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart." Ulysses Everett McGill.
Do not send technical questions via personal messaging - they will be ignored.



As a French person, I am surprised that you wouldn't treat this web-site with the same respect that the French typically show when they shop or enter someone else's home. When I lived in France, I was acutely aware of the social customs inherent in the culture and adjusted my behavior accordingly. As a result, I had several years of great experiences over there, lasting friendships, and so on. Treat this web site with the same respect and I imagine your experience here will be similarly wonderful to my stays in France.

I understand that you might feel bitter about having your posts deleted without a due process but you have very few 'rights' here. It's a free forum, maintained by unpaid volunteers who are trying to keep a semblance of order despite a plethora of posts that come in every day. Moderators sift through this tsunami of information to cull cross-posts, offensive posts, etc. That's a pretty thankless job but it's essential to keep the site going.

Sit back for a moment and think about how cross-posting affects a site like this one, and I'm sure you'll agree that you shouldn't do it. Have a great day.


Until this day my post was unique.

Today I try to post it in a more relevant topic. I would keep the original message only for minutes to make copy/paste before delete it.

After a new post I found a topic more relevant and copy also in this topic and then delete the other posts. But before I have the time to do this (while working and responding phone's calls) I received from moderator an imperative message.

Can you understand my anger ?



Can you understand my anger ?

No, not really. You should have been paying attention to where to post the topic in the first place.

If, after posting, and not getting much/any/relevant help in that location, you could have picked ONE other place to post. Your shotgun approach is NOT the way to get more responses.

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