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I've connected a catalex microsd card module on my arduino uno but I can't make it work.

When I run the CardInfo example it returns me:
Card type: SDHC
Could not find FAT16/FAT32 partition.
Make sure you've formatted the card

I've already tried formatting the card with the SD card formatter but it doesn't change anything.

When I run SdInfo from the SDfat library it returns me:
cardSize failed
SD errorCode: 0XF
SD errorData: 0X0

I've tried connecting it directly with wires and through a breadboard:the result is the same.
The SD card is a Transcend 8gb micro SDHC.

Anyone has a solution for me?


It looks familiar to me. I'm waiting for an answer from a experienced member about my comment on that post for a more pratical solution and an explaination : http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=358063.0

I tried the same kind of 4 Go SDHC card and 8Go micro SDHC card. Everytime I got one of those error : "SD Card Initialization Failed!", "initialization failed", "Could not find FAT16/FAT32 partition", "Invalid format, reformat SD.", "errorCode: 0X1,0X0", etc.
I tried all sketchs from the SD Library then I searched for a more recent SDFat Library and a tested 9 of the sketchs proposed. I tested with a simple SD Card module then I bought an ethernet module to give it some fresh trials without any good results except for the sketch SdInfo from the SDFat library (I still don't know why). I downloded the new 1.6.6 IDE. I made sure I was using the right card/port while compiling and the SCK, MISO, MOSI, SS pins were the right one and the code was properly filled with right pins number (no conflict with a wire too). I tried to desactivate the Ethernet controller, to change the SPI_SPEED, to format the card with Windows (apparently not an ideal solution), with the sketch SDFormatter and with the software SDFormatter 4.0. I looked at the forum for similar issues reported, tutorials, videos and also the SD and SDFat libraries in detail to understand how it's works.

After many hours playing around I found a temporary fix that I still do not understand and that I commented in the other topic mentionned above. I really hope it'll work for you too and that an other member will have an explaination for me.

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