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And here's a pair for $1.80... Mine work ok.
For the parts count and cost they should sell for $.50 Ea But at least these are somewhat less expensive. I usually get my parts in 7 or 8 day's too.

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I made a 16 button RF remote control with a Promini and 434 MHz transmitter.
On a button press, the promini wakes up, sends the key pressed, goes back to sleep.

Receiver(s) must be awake all the time to listen for messages.

Powered from 1000mAH LiPo battery.
Blank spot was for MAX1811 battery charger chip.

I looked at the book, and it seems like you have a better way and is closer to what am I seek to do. I want to get started with this in a few weeks (maybe 4-5?) and so would like to clarify some things. First of all would I directly program the receiver to activate the motor, or would I need something to tell the receiver what to do when it gets a signal? Secondly, it looks like you only use one transmitter in the picture. Is only one needed? If only one is, then did you use different frequencies to communicate with each different receiver? If so, would changing the frequency that each receiver would pick up be in the coding? If not how else would I set the receiver to only pick up certain frequencies to avoid interference? I really appreciate you replying to this and offering your help. Hopefully I can get this remote set up by the end.

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