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I have recently been hired to create a tweeting and tweetable arduino that controls a Transistor when tweeted and shuts off when some eTape detects low water level. The serial monitor will be displayed on the screen.

I have started building the sketch for the project but I require some help as I my lack of experience is holding me up. This can be a paid role. It's preferable if someone in the Reading/London area is willing to help so that I can learn.

I have designed how it will work and I can construct the device itself, I'm just not so hot on the coding and I have a steady stream of work coming in to keep up with.
If you'e willing to help there is almost definitely repeat work in future projects from an interesting and innovative client.

Please PM or post for more information.


I have recently been hired to create a tweeting and tweetable arduino

Why are you hung up on using tweets to control the device? Using your own server for private use seems a MUCH better idea, to me.
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I know right? I would be able to sort that as well. There are tutorials in most of the Guide books I have for that type of project.
The client wants Twitter. Therefore I have to use twitter.

It's starting to grind on me as I may have a job at Oracle soon and I need this out the way, I'm just not so good at Arduino Coding.

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