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Hi All!

I've spent a lot of my time on here solving many problems to make Noteu and thankful to all that have contributed!

Noteu is your smart companion that acts as an extension to your mobile, allowing you to customise online interactions with the people and information you care about. Its abilities are amplified by Bluetooth speakers which allow you to play your music much louder. Noteu's experience makes brief interactions with notifications online more natural and personal, saving you time and frustration.

Check Noteu on Kickstarter to see more : http://kck.st/1GQWriD

Noteu is comprised of:

- Case : 3D printed PLA

- Wi-Fi : 802.11 b / g / n

- Display : 2.8"  LCD Display With Capacitive Touch

- CPU (the brains) : Atmel AVR

- Sound : Two 3W 4 Ohms Speakers

- Power : Micro USB, you can use USB Plug given or PC

- Mobile App : Android or Apple


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