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Goal: Write code that allows audio output (eg from an ipod/MP3 player) to control the rotation direction and speed of a motor.
We would like to hire an Arduino programmer for the creation of a project that will convert audio input into the speed of rotation of a motor.  This would allow us to create arbitrarily long and complex motor programs, store them as audio files, and 'play' them out from an audio player, through the arduino to control a motor. This project is a prototype that we plan to build at scale later.  We are on a short timeline (ideally completed in the next few days or even sooner) to get an initial version built, so it would be really great if we find someone who is available and could start right away.  The basic coding is fairly simple, and there may already be code existing that performs a similar function.
I have attached a project specification as a Word file.  This described delivery of the hardware.  We would also consider bids for the coding only if you can test on your end.
We would like to ask interested developers to provide a project bid.  We envision this to be a <$500 project, taking less than a day to complete, but happy to hear your thoughts.
Thank you for your help.


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