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Hi, I am trying to control servos with Maxuino using a Dagu Red Black Spider controller but I am having issues with controlling servo positions using the Maxuino example GUI patch.

I am using:
- Dagu Red Black Spider controller (an Arduino clone using an ATmega1280 CPU)
- Tower Pro MG995 servos
- Max MSP 5.1.3
- Arduino IDE version 0018
- Firmata version 2.1+ for Arduino
- Drivers for Arduino boards: FTDIUSBSerialDriver_10_4_10_5_10_6
- OSC-route external library for Max
- Maxuino library for Max v.009: maxuino-009.zip
- Processing version 0186, processing-0186.dmg.
- Arduino for Processing library, processing-arduino-0017.zip.

Using Arduino software's Servo Sweep script I can successfully sweep my servos so I think I can eliminate problems with the controller board and servos.

Now using Maxuino's example GUI with StandardFirmata loaded onto the board I can successfully turn on/off the red light on my board seen on the first photo uploaded.

However, I am having issues controlling my servos. Once changing the desired pin to servo mode the servo does a small sweep and adjusts to what I guess is it's central position. This seems normal but when adjusting the live fader the board blinks (so it is getting the messages) but there is no servo movement. Also, turning the out button on makes the servo move a fraction and then when turning the out button off it moves back. I really do not what is going wrong hear and noticed that spread over various forums people are having the same problem but no solutions are posted. These posts are a couple of years old too so I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out.

I also noticed switching a pin to PWM also moves the servo in the opposite direction.

Hope I've been clear and I appreciate anyone's help, thanks.

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