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Well, we were going to try to burn the latest and greatest firmware, but when I got to the directory where the hex is supposed to reside, it was not there.  I contacted them, but since they are EU based, I suspect it will be a day or two for a response.

ATMEGA328P-PU, PERFECT.  After I test it out the firmware upload on myside, we will need to convert that Arduino into a USB2UART device (just pull the ATMEGA328 out).

One other thing we can mess with.  In the EasyVR Test sketch in the void_setup() try adding a 50ms delay below port.Begin(9600).

Code: [Select]


Then upload and open serial monitor.


I actually tried changing the delays to 50 then to 100. I figured maybe my chip was a dumby and needed a little more time. but that just gave me the same kind of reads.

I really appreciate your help. I'm just too inexperienced with this stuff to properly trouble shoot.


Not a problem.  As I said, I had be stalling working with this for some time and you were the perfect opportunity to get back to it.

I'll let you know when Veear replies.


Okay, I got the goods.  I have attached the EasyVR firmaware to this post so download it and place it in Program Files\Veear\EasyVR Commander directory.  Then open up a command prompt in that EasyVR Commander directory.

For your hardware, disconnect the USB move the jump to UP on the EasyVR Shield connected to the Arduino.  Reconnect the USB and note which COM port that is being used.

Go back to the command prompt window in the EasyVR Commander directory and type:

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VeeLoader -p COMx -c EASYVR_FW.HEX -nofast
Where x is the COM PORT your Arduino/EasyVR is on.

The firmware should upload to the EasyVR.  If not, disconnect the Arduino for a couple seconds then plug it back in and try again.

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