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Well, we were going to try to burn the latest and greatest firmware, but when I got to the directory where the hex is supposed to reside, it was not there.  I contacted them, but since they are EU based, I suspect it will be a day or two for a response.

ATMEGA328P-PU, PERFECT.  After I test it out the firmware upload on myside, we will need to convert that Arduino into a USB2UART device (just pull the ATMEGA328 out).

One other thing we can mess with.  In the EasyVR Test sketch in the void_setup() try adding a 50ms delay below port.Begin(9600).

Code: [Select]


Then upload and open serial monitor.


I actually tried changing the delays to 50 then to 100. I figured maybe my chip was a dumby and needed a little more time. but that just gave me the same kind of reads.

I really appreciate your help. I'm just too inexperienced with this stuff to properly trouble shoot.


Not a problem.  As I said, I had be stalling working with this for some time and you were the perfect opportunity to get back to it.

I'll let you know when Veear replies.


Okay, I got the goods.  I have attached the EasyVR firmaware to this post so download it and place it in Program Files\Veear\EasyVR Commander directory.  Then open up a command prompt in that EasyVR Commander directory.

For your hardware, disconnect the USB move the jump to UP on the EasyVR Shield connected to the Arduino.  Reconnect the USB and note which COM port that is being used.

Go back to the command prompt window in the EasyVR Commander directory and type:

Code: [Select]
VeeLoader -p COMx -c EASYVR_FW.HEX -nofast
Where x is the COM PORT your Arduino/EasyVR is on.

The firmware should upload to the EasyVR.  If not, disconnect the Arduino for a couple seconds then plug it back in and try again.


I will give that a go when I get home tonight. It was my bday yesterday so I was out for the count most of the day. I wouldn't have wanted to try it then anyways.

Thank you very much!



Thank you very much for the birthday wishes.

I got the hex downloaded and ran the prompt. As you can see in my attached pic, it was not successful. I closed up the original prompt and tried it again. One question I do have....and maybe it's a dumb question...but if I switch USB ports on my computer, should my COM port change as well? No matter what USB port I have plugged in, my device manager still says COM6.

Also, I am still using the UNO R3. Should I have gone USB2UART with my atmega uno? I tried to yank the chip out but it was giving me some resistance and I didn't want to end up with two arduino "pieces" rather than an arduino. 


I got that timeout before, but after unplugging and pluging the USB in, it took off.

When you switch the jumper to UP and plug it back in, does the red D5 LED come on in the front? 

I did some further messing and got the timeout while playing with the height of the shield just a tiny bit.  I pushed it back down and it took off uploading (after unplugging and plugging the USB).  I really hate intermittent problems!

You do not have to pull the Atmega, the shield holds the microcontroller in reset when you put it in UP or PC so it uses your 16u2 chip to talk to the shield not the Atmega.


I tried it a bunch more times this morning before I had to take off for work. I will get after it again tonight when I get home. I was messing with the positioning of the shield too but I'll keep trying different things to see if I can get her to go.

When I switch the jumper to UP I do get the red light. One question I have for you is, when your jumper is in UP and you have the D5 light on, is your green D6 light on as well? Mine will flicker and sometimes stay on simultaneously with D5. Most of the time when I switch to UP, D6 shuts off.


In UP mode, I only get 1 short flash on D6 while D5 is solid red.  It might be worthwhile to gently pressing around the Arduino RESET/5v pins and the D0/D1 to see if there is a short.  Also, have you tried the other Arduino with this firmware update?


I will definitely press on the reset/5v pins and the d0/d1 and check that out. I have not tried my other arduino yet but I will absolutely try that tonight. Fingers crossed it uploads on try #1....or 2....or 3.


It will take on the first try "when it is in the mood" :P  Also, look for cold solder joints on the shield around those pins.  I will see how painful the USB2UART will be tonight.


Well...I tried it with both arduinos last night and earlier today. It didn't upload on either one. I checked all the solder points and there's nothing wrong or shorted out as far as I can tell.

When I switched to the Arduino w/ the atmega, it switched my com port to com7 from com6 but it was on the same USB port as the Uno R3. I think I may just be confused as to how coms are assigned. It also paused for a long time twice before it went into the retry count. When it paused there I started freaking out thinking that it was working but then after awhile it just gave me the same error.

Tonight I'm going to hook it up to my htpc and see if it will work from there.


Sorry for the late response.  I am just trying to figure out how to get on the insanely small headers on J1 (next to the headphone jack).  Must have been designed for a JST type connector and I can not figure any easy way for you to access the ERx/ETx/5v/Gnd which would bypass the shield.  Anyhow, if you can think of anything clever to get at them from your side, feel free to let me know.  I will see if we can get some extra help from Veear/TIGAL.

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